About the painter

His paintings are mostly about the world surrounding him.  First of all scenery: forests, hills, lakes, rivers, brooks, trees are the subject of his pictures, but in some of his paintings segments of his surrounding are shown: fragments of buildings, walls of houses, particulars of gates, windows.
He works mainly with traditional painting techniques, motivated to explore the vague possibilities of oil painting. His well-founded knowledge is combined with an experimenting and inquiring attitude. He keeps expanding his knowledge of painting techniques in order to gain a deeper understanding and to be able to apply different approaches of oil painting, which he likes so much. This leads him to new and new solutions in terms techniques, forms, subjects and themes.
Even his early pictures - aiming at the primary visual reproduction - were characterized by expressive influences deriving from cumulating dynamic and pastose layers of painting.
He moved on from naturalist portrayal by the gradually narrowing cut-outs of his compositions. His pictures starting from the elements of the scene focus on its different segments, levitate on the border of reality and abstraction. He reaches this effect by colliding the forms and the surfaces some of which were created decoratively some others rustically using a painting knife.


Judit Szeifert, PhD
Art historian